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The Role of Product at Apple

It pains me to write this article.

I have been an unapologetic Apple fanboy for as long as I’ve been in this industry, and published articles at the debut of the iPhone, and the debut of the iPad, congratulating Apple on what I believed would go on to become extremely successful products.  I am also on record as considering Steve Jobs the worlds greatest product leader.

However, now that Apple has released it’s first major new product of the post-Jobs era – the Apple Watch – I wanted to talk about the changing role of product at Apple.

To get this out of the way up front, I found the Apple Watch to be a remarkably disappointing product.  I have no access to Apple’s internal financial expectations or sales, so I can’t speak to whether this initial product would be considered by Apple to be a commercial success or not, but I can say it is certainly not a product up to the standards I believe Apple is capable of, and it’s not something I believe Apple employees would be proud of.

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