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Process Police

Posted by marty cagan on December 8, 2010

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Readers of my book and articles know how much I value a strong project manager.  I’ve written earlier about the positive impact to velocity a great project manager can have (see and  And one of the reasons I advocate for Scrum is that as a process it values this role of project manager as “impediment remover” (known as the Scrum Master role).

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Product Management vs. Project Management

Posted by Marty Cagan on October 9, 2007

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Earlier I’ve written about how important it is to clearly distinguish the roles of product management and product marketing (see Product Management vs. Product Marketing). But many companies suffer from a related problem, which is when the roles of product management and project management are combined.

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Estimating Project Costs

Posted by Marty Cagan on July 23, 2007

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Even though we've been estimating project costs since the beginning of software, it's remarkable to me how much confusion remains. I think the root cause of this confusion is that management needs cost information very early in the process, yet engineering doesn't have the information it needs to do a reasonably accurate estimate until much later in the process. The result is either premature estimates that prove wildly inaccurate, or surprises because people had different assumptions all along and when the accurate estimate comes in, management has a severe case of sticker shock.

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Gentle Deployment

Posted by Marty Cagan on February 15, 2006

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One of the fun things about working on a 1.0 product is that you get to start fresh with your community of users. It’s true that your user base is still influenced by other products and services that they’ve been exposed to, but overall you don’t have to worry much about things like backwards compatibility or retraining your users. However, for most of us, we’re in the business of creating updates or new versions of existing products or services.

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eBay's Secret Weapon

Posted by Marty Cagan on December 1, 2005


Look at any successful company and you’ll find a set of people that stand out and are the ones that really make the difference. It may be the difference between a great product or a terrible one. Or the difference between getting the business partnership the company needs to reach its customers or getting lost in obscurity. Or the difference between getting the product out when it needs to be or stuck in perpetual delays.

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